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Blue heart: This icon has been adopted by those who are attempting to show support for Autism Awareness.The Sync desktop application displays icons on your folders and.

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This changes to a blue unread-style dot when the recipient remains.There are four types of status delivery icons: An empty pale blue circle indicates that Facebook is currently sending your message.

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Those using Instagram on iOS may also see a blue dot appear next to the app icon.I believe it means they have facebook messenger app installed in their mobile phone.How to Know if Someone Blocked You on Facebook Messenger. Open Facebook Messenger.

When you play the message your microphone icon will turn blue and on their phone the two.

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Messenger lets you know the status of any message you send on it using a series of circular symbols.A full list of the icons, you can use in Windows Live Messenger,.These will be visible at the bottom right hand corner of the message speech bubble.

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I talk about how your information is used by FB and others and I talk about what the permissions really mean. If You Use Facebook Messenger,.

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Blackberry Messenger Icons - What are They. ones with blue clock means message was not delivered,.